Concept 2 Rower For Sale

Walk into a fitness center anywhere on the planet, locate the aerobic room, and you're going to find a fleet of Concept two machines. They are the Rolls Royce of rowing machines, used by Olympic- and club-rowers alike. Here is our Concept 2 Model D review - you can read full version of it at

The reason why Concept 2's are well known for two chief reasons. They are durable and they work very well. Rowing machines are a excellent way to present your body a complete workout. It is among the few exercises which builds strength in addition to enhances cardio. Along with also the Concept 2 Model D is high in its class.

Getting started on this machine is simple. Simply sit on the chair, strap your toes in, and then pull the handle. The PM5 screen will then automatically switch on and begin displaying info about your own row. The Model D includes 10 different resistance settings, placing you in charge of your workout's strength.

The immunity is set through an air-based flywheel that imitates the actual thing. As an oar encounter more haul the harder you pull, you are going to feel more resistance the harder you pull Model D's atmosphere flywheel wheel.

I have been using this version a few times each week for more than six months. Meaning I have got thousands of thousands of stokes on this machine. Every one of which was as smooth and stable as the first.

Rowing machines are extremely basic regarding UI. All of them offer monochrome monitors which show raw information and little else. The Concept 2 rower for sale includes a PM5 screen, that is attached to a flexible arm. While the port is not the most favorable, the PM5 includes a great deal of functionality. It includes multiple preset rowing manners such as conventional modes that enable you picked the space or time that you wish to row for. There are various interval/HIIT manners for more sophisticated users also, in addition to many games to maintain training fresh and intriguing.

The PM5 pairs together with your own Android or iOS smartphone using Bluetooth too. This permits you to input your bodyweight for separately adjusted data points. You might even purchase a clip which sits along with this PM5 and use your smartphone as another display to show extra rowing details. Another major advantage of this program is that it logs your own private workouts -- ideal for if you talk about your machine with other people.

It is worth noting that although the PM5 is not the most innovative screen, Concept 2 rowing machines are constructed to permit users to retrofit newer tracks. Meaning if/when a better Concept two track does come out you will have the ability to update easily.

Concept 2 Model D For Sale

These are the very same machines you will see at the regional fitness center or health club. That means they're utilized, and abused, multiple times every day by individuals of all builds. And they last decades. To set your mind at rest farther, Concept 2 rowing machines arrive with a 2-year guarantee on moving parts and also a 5-year guarantee on the frame. Providing you do not abuse this system, it is likely to continue and serve you in the home for several decades.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine inspection: Storage

In case you must area on your residence. We recommend leaving the Concept 2 Model 2 constructed and ready to use constantly. Needing to unpack and build equipment is a large workout turnoff. Nevertheless, the Model 2 was designed so that it can be saved easily. It includes a fast release clip which divides the machine in the halfway mark, which makes it simple to fold. Additionally, it contains two built-in wheels in the base of this machine, making wheel it is 26kg mass from A-to-B simple for everybody. In the end, it may also be stored vertically -- saving a great deal of floor area.


The Concept 2 Model D for sale is your very best indoor rowing machine you can purchase. It is build quality and functionality are unrivalled. The black screen is a small old fashioned but that really is an industry-wide issue. If you would like to provide your body a complete workout at the comfort of your own house, there is not a much better slice of fitness equipment accessible compared to Concept 2 Model D.