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Alex and Brenna pulling samples on the crush pad in December

We are a small outfit; keeping all of the parts in motion without stalling or collision keeps us pretty busy. That means that there is no one to answer the phone, and we do not have a tasting room--
but for the first time, are offering tours.

Brenna and I are so excited to announce that for the first time ever-- we are suggesting to you that you come to the winery. Since the very beginning of our making wine, I have been acceding to polite requests to visit the winery, and have scheduled the visits when it was mutually convenient. Many wonderful relationships have grown from these visits. We are small and cannot devote ourselves to giving tours-- but we want to offer more of these opportunities to create or cement bonds between you and us. And we want to let you see what we do and where. And lastly-- any time that we present wine to you is an opportunity for education-- on both sides-- and we treasure that. But we know that those opportunities are magnified and intensified when you have the opportunity to taste unfinished wine-- wine that is still developing. So from now on, we will encourage you outright to contact Brenna and to arrange for a time for us to host you at the winery. We will never have lots of slots, but we will receive you when we can. The beginning is to write her. Or you may request a tour using the form below:

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